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Regardless of what you do, getting organized is one of the most essential fundamentals that you can address. With mobile shelving, you can maximize storage and create a more aesthetically pleasing look to your storage, which is one of the best ways to help with your productivity, especially with making sure everything is easy to find.

Storage space is a valuable commodity for every business. Since 1991, Hi-Density ™ Spacesaving Systems has been building top-quality, high density, mobile storage systems that give you the storage you need within the area you have.

Hi-Density ™ leads the competition in the design and engineering of innovative solutions to the ever-changing needs of our customers. We custom design each system to your specifications to make efficient use of your space.

Library Storage Solutions

Hi-Density mobile shelving solutions enable book and archival collections to be stored within a smaller storage footprint, freeing up existing space for libraries to use for new meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces, and learning labs.

Museum Storage Solutions

The Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems HD line of products provides museum-grade cabinets that are built for safe three-dimensional art storage, such as archaeological and ceramics storage.

Weapon Storage Solutions

Hi-Density provides solutions for all of your custom and unique applications that require a product that has evolved with the modern demands,designs and space requirements of today’s military and security forces.

High Density Filing Systems

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems provides filing storage products that can increase filing storage capacity in today’s smaller office environments. Our solutions include sliding lateral filing cabinets and high-density mobile shelving options.

Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Hi-Density offers a diverse selection of storage products that optimize your storage space in todays business environments.Our solutions are completely customizable and configurable ranging from manual to electric storage systems on easy gliding rails.

Sports Equipment Storage

At Hi-Density, we make it possible to improve security of your valuable equipment, double or triple your storage capacity, and customize systems to match team colors and designs.

All of our products are high quality, and we ensure that everything we make is worthy of the price you pay. We use all our products ourselves, so we make them by keeping in mind the needs of those people who will be using them.

When you buy from us, you get products made with aluminum, precision steel wheels, laminate with optional steel end panels, laminates, and safety locks, with variability available for the size of the shelves you need. We have HD2 lateral systems as well as HD3, HD4, and HD5 system manual/mechanical assistant/electric systems, and weapons racks to fill a variety of needs.

All of our systems are visually appealing and come with several options, including customizable system control, carriage movement systems, carriage stopping control, and safety systems. The materials are all high capacity, lightweight yet strong, safe, and quality. Standard features include a heavy duty crank, safety locks, a drive chain tightener, gearing, and flooring, and all components are fully assembled where possible.

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