Opt4 High-Density Stack Chair

Opt4®’s simple, refined style and four material options enhance design versatility. Select one style or mix and match to add a contemporary flare to any room. Choose from mesh/mesh, mesh/poly, poly/mesh, and poly/poly seats and backs. Available in three classic seat/back colors: black, stone grey, and white; as well as 34 frame color options (including chrome).

Opt4 offers significant comfort with a waterfall front seat edge that eases pressure points. Opt4 with mesh seats and backs offer cooling ventilation as well as supple seating surfaces that conform to body shapes for tailored comfort.

The mesh fabric used on Opt4 high-density stack seating is composed of knitted yarn made from 100% recycled PET-bottles. PET-bottles are plastic bottles, generally soft drinks and bottled water, labeled with the #1 recycling codes. All resin components are made from 100% recycled polypropylene pre-consumer waste byproducts. Waste byproducts are collected during the manufacturing process of a variety of common polypropylene items.

SCS certified. Opt4 passes all standard BIFMA tests for performance. Minimum 85% recycled material content. Simple construction enables disassembly into each material type.

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