StudioWorks System

The StudioWorks system from KI combines the functional advantages of a panel system with fresh, architectural elements. The result is collaboration without clutter; flexibility without a patchwork of furnishings and space planning without cookie-cutter layouts. The StudioWorks panel system consists of several pieces. The foundation of the panel system is lifted panels. Elevating the panel creates a lighter overall visual effect, while encouraging air flow. The panels house large monolithic tiles. Spanning the panel’s inner structure with larger tiles creates a strong horizontal plane, reducing vertical interruptions. The design allows for power access throughout the length of the space. A thin complement to the thick, lifted panel, tethered screens provide a soft transition into the workspace. A translucent option for screens allows natural light to shine through. Clean, crisp flat trim that is architectural in nature finishes off the panel system. The furnishings that comprise the StudioWorks system provide enhanced functionality to respond to team-based environments and provide adaptable space planning. Products function on their own or within an existing panel system. Freestanding islands provide flexible storage, can divide space and act as privacy partitions. Congregate around the StudioWorks island to stand up, discuss and share ideas. The StudioWorks bench offers a place to put belongings by using a combination of enclosed and open storage. Top surfaces are intended to become guest seating when the need arises. The StudioWorks panel system can support traditional office layouts as well as 120-degree planning.

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