WorkUp Height-Adjustable Tables

Movement is natural and necessary, and it should be encouraged in the workplace. Intuitive, height-adjustable work surfaces, such as KI’s WorkUp® Adjustable Table, are the ideal solution. WorkUp delivers easy-to-use adjustability with a clean design and consistent profile.

Three different adjustment methods provide various height ranges: ANSI HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) electric, counterbalance and crank. A fixed table model is also available. The absence of a lower cross brace enhances leg clearance, while the efficient T-base design enables the surface to be utilized from both sides. All WorkUp models feature a consistent base profile, allowing them to be mixed and matched with various adjustment styles based on individual needs. In addition, WorkUp features consistent visual qualities with other KI products, providing a clean, seamless aesthetic throughout an environment.

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