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We help organizations like yours address and solve critical business issues. Our records management solutions include file folders, color coded filing systems, mobile shelving, cabinets, office file moves, file management software, records retention, archiving, shredding, offsite storage, compliance, consultation and electronic document management.

Working together, we analyze, develop and implement records management solutions that allow your organization to work more efficiently, make better decisions and manage your exposure to risk. Whether your company’s records are paper or electronic, we can help you ensure the information you need is there when you need it.

By combining the best records management products and services with our knowledge and experience, we provide you with a complete framework to manage your information. This includes finding better ways to organize and file your records, establishing better storage methods to improve costly space utilization and increase employee productivity, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Trust us and Jeter to turn the information held in your records into a business advantage.

Alphabetic Systems

The most popular way to file is by person or company name. Typically, the 1st and 2nd letters of a person’s last name are color-coded using our bright, permanent color-coding labels. This breaks even large files down into easy-to-manage units, because only a few records within the file will carry the same color-codes.

Birth-date Based Filing

This system first divides the file into 366 sections: 365 of these correspond to days of the year, while the remaining section houses records of individuals whose name or birth day is unknown.

Numeric Filing Solutions

Numeric filing is commonly used for larger systems. Government offices, courts, financial institutions, insurance companies and similar organizations have created thousands of numeric filing systems.

Using a color-coded filing method can reduce your retrieval time by 40%. Color-coded filing forms an identifiable pattern that gets you to your information faster. Misfiles break the pattern, allowing for easy identification and immediate correction.

Jeter’s superior color-coding systems repeat colors only once so they are more distinctive, while some competitors repeat colors twice, limiting the benefits of color-coding.

Based on the number of files and the information to be organized, Jeter can design the optimal color-coded indexing method for your specific situation. Color-coded indexing methods include alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric, terminal digit and even standard identifiers to your specific industry. The right color coded indexing system will virtually eliminate misfiles, improve retrieval times and increase efficiency.

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