Lockers made for today's agile world

Today’s workplaces are no longer static. Needs, staff assignments, locations and physical space constantly change as business evolves. Modular Millwork locker solutions are designed to easily change and adjust as your needs change

Our process starts with a single question: “What do you need?” Whether it’s touring your facility, looking at blueprints or brainstorming with your team – we make sure we understand your vision and requirements so we can create a solution tailored to fit your specific needs.

Your company’s operation, physical space, interiors and staff dynamics are unique to you. Whether you’re a championship sports organization, agile office, high-tech research institute, medical clinic or elite consulting group – your dynamic storage solution should reflect and support your unique vision and needs.

When the 2017 SAL Champion Greenville Drive baseball team approached Modular Millwork to help revamp their locker rooms, they came with a long list of objectives for their new locker solution. Our modular system and design approach allowed us to incorporate their unique requirements into a solution tailored to the team’s every need (and then some).

We created and installed a durable, aesthetic locker system to support the high-impact demands of the championship sports team and deliver flexible, secure storage for every player. From the USB charging ports placed inside passcode secure compartments to durable, stylish hardware that will withstand years of constant use – Modular Millwork hit a home run with the Drive’s modular locker solution.


We know you want your locker design to go beyond functional, convenient storage. It should make a statement.

Plus, we understand the design of your space can and should communicate why you exist and what you value as an organization. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice design for functionality.

At Modular Millwork, our goal is to make it possible for you to express your mission by letting your imagination be the only limit to your design.


Imagine the environment you want and the storage you need. Now, let’s build it.

Our modular design flexibility and designer finishes let you have the specific functional layout you need for efficiency and the look you want to complement your professional workspace – with no customs upcharges.


Today’s technology driven world has become increasingly mobile to keep up with the rapidly evolving speed of business and life. Plus, ecommerce paired with modern logistic capabilities enables overnight delivery of needed assets and mail with just the click of a button.

MultiSort® HD Mail & Parcels Solutions let you conquer the challenge of distribution logistics by efficiently delivering mail and assets with security and convenience across your global network … with chain-of-custody tracking at your fingertips.

Simply scan and deliver the asset into a designated or randomly selected parcel locker or HD Mailbox. Your recipient automatically receives a text or email notification with the locker location and a randomly generated pin code to retrieve the asset at their convenience, 24/7. Modular Millwork will design, manufacture and install your MultiSort HD Mail & Parcels Solution to fit your space, security level, asset sizes and volume.

Let us transform your distribution headaches into an efficient reality that compliments your design vision and meets your delivery challenges.

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