Backbone Media Platform

With a diverse range of portable media devices being used in schools and businesses, there is an increasing demand for media sharing and technology integration within furniture solutions. Backbone® is designed to respond to this growing demand. Backbone is a media-sharing platform that supports technology, optimizes collaboration, and enhances flexibility.

Backbone has two adaptable forms: a single table unit or a multiple table unit, both of which offer ideal solutions for technology integration and media sharing. Media sharing is accessed through surface-mounted grommets. Flat screen can be wall-mounted or base-mounted to Backbone unit. Switching hardware is kept safe in a locked compartment. Backbone is designed to accommodate switching hardware grommets from Altinex, Extron, or FSR (provided by the customer). The Backbone substructure is the chassis that holds the various hardware components. The switching hardware is connected to the flat screen device to enable media sharing. Backbone provides a wide base and sturdy support for flat screen mounting. Screen can also be wall-mounted. (Flat screen is provided by the customer.) A perforated front panel offers an attractive façade to the Backbone spine. This perforated panel can be matched to the Enlite table base on the multiple table unit. The Backbone single unit is designed with a conventional surface and standard base unit. The Backbone multiple unit is designed to hold three separate tables together through magnetic connections. The three tables fit securely around the Backbone spine and can easily be separated and used individually or ganged together in a straight line, suitable for offline instruction or group work. Choose from KI’s Enlite or Trek table base styles to complete the Backbone Media Platform. From conference rooms to classrooms, the Backbone Media Platform suits a range of needs in adaptable forms to provide technology and multi-media sharing capabilities for enhanced collaboration in a variety of applications and environments.

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