DataLink Table System

DataLink training tables are a smart choice for any type of learning environment – from interactive to flexible. Its chameleon-like design (wedges, ganging and caster options) makes reconfiguration simple. Support a variety of learning techniques by using the same tables in different configurations. The integral wire trough assembly folds with the table, keeping everything in place. The folded profile is a modest 7 inches. Two handles incorporated into each training table facilitate transport. So, you can bring tables in or out from one session to another as needed. Technology and power are absolute necessities for training environments. DataLink tables offer non-powered, PowerUp/Activ8, 10-wire/6-circuit (UL listed for entire table) or hard-wired options. The beam and wire trough assembly provides free access to the leg’s wireway as well as to adjoining tables without threading the wires. An optional data cover provides metal separation of power and data. Dual-channel leg wireways provide separate channels for power and data. When the wireway door is closed, all you notice is the elegant leg. The training table surface provides power access with grommets or PowerUp plug-in modules. Or, cords can simply drape over the back of the table into the beam anywhere along the training table. DataLink training tables are the epitome of fluid design. The graceful leg line remains consistent while the beam’s shape complements the leg and doubles as a modesty panel. Create incredible learning spaces with DataLink training table’s variety of shapes, sizes and finish choices.

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