Uniframe Convertible Bench

Food service areas often double as study halls, meeting rooms and more. You need a bench with back support… a bench with worksurface… a cafeteria table… Uniframe convertible bench does it all for one low cost. It’s easy to operate. From the folded position, simply pull down the bench seat and pull up the worksurface. Or, combine two units to create a high-quality cafeteria table. The ganging mechanism is located at the top of the frame base for easy operation and exceptional reliability. To return the bench to its folded position, lift up on the worksurface to release the gravity lock and fold down. Nest folded benches for compact storage. This cafeteria table option is available with a 27″ or 29″ high worksurface and 8′ length. A variety of laminates are available to support school colors and edges are finished with either 73P PVC edge or a durable vinyl bullnose. Support frames available in black or chrome. Uniframe convertible benches ship partially assembled. Final assembly on site can typically be done in 10 minutes without special tools.

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